Maryland student puts together extravagant promposal for disabled friend

A student at Magruder High School in Montgomery County surprised a wheelchair bound boy at her school by asking him to be her prom date -- and his ecstatic reaction was caught on video.

Mahdis, a high school senior at Magruder High School, said she had wanted to ask Matthew to the upcoming dance after the two became really close friends.

Matthew is a junior at Magruder, he is also confined to a wheel chair. Matthew came to the school as a freshman and as any new freshman student would be, Matthew was nervous, he was most nervous about how others would treat him since he is wheelchair bound.

For the first few weeks of school Mathew struggled to get around, the manually powered wheelchair he used would get stuck in the doorways or bang up the walls. Mahdis who was a sophomore at the time saw Matthew struggling and took it upon herself to push Matthew to every class and help him with the little things, like taking a jacket off and putting it away for him.

This year Mahdis is a senior and decided she wanted to ask Matthew to her senior prom. She explained that Matthew has always brightened her day no matter what and wanted to show Matthew how much she appreciates him.

On Tuesday, the halls of the high school were decorated with balloons, posters, streamers and students. Matthew came down the hall on a red carpet where Mahdis was waiting and asked him to prom. Matthews's parents were there to witness the special and memorable moment in his life.