Maryland man's obituary calls for Dan Snyder to sell the Commanders

A Maryland man's obituary highlights his love for the Washington Commanders and his dislike for team owner, Dan Snyder.

James Darr, Jr. spent his whole life cheering on Washington sports teams. He lived through the glory years and some not-so-great years in the city. 

Darr died last month at the age of 67 from natural causes. 

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To honor him, his children decided to include his thoughts on his beloved Washington Commanders in his obit. 

"He was a lifelong fan of all things related to D.C. sports, with the exception of Daniel Snyder, who he often referred to by names and in terms which cannot be printed here. Along with the health and happiness of his family and friends, he wished for nothing more than for Snyder to sell the Washington Commanders," it reads. 

Darr's son, James, says Snyder's ownership was regularly a conversation topic, but it was the family's choice to include it in the obituary.

"He always wanted some way to tell him, always wanted some way to let him know how badly he didn't like him and how it wasn't going to work out," James said. "If we could do something that let my great-great-grandchildren know something about him in a couple hundred years, I think this is what he'd want them to know." 

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James told FOX 5 that his dad was a simple man and that sports kept him going. He said the last Commanders game his dad watched was the team's week 5 loss to the Tennessee Titans. 

James likes to think his dad had a hand in the Commanders' last three wins.