Maryland lawmakers consider adding speed cameras on ICC

There’s a push to put permanent speed cameras on a major Maryland road. 

State lawmakers are considering putting them on the Intercounty Connector, the 18-mile stretch that connects Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. 

John Seng with the Maryland Coalition for Highway Safety has lobbied for House Bill 811 that was introduced by the Montgomery County delegation.  

He said it’s an issue of safety with consistent speeders on the road, but acknowledged passing the bill will be an uphill battle.  

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FOX 5 learned the bill didn’t have the votes in the subcommittee, but could be revived at a delegation meeting this Friday.  

Seng says he’s not giving up yet. 

"We’ve fallen down a mine shaft or a well, but we’re still alive, technically, until someone says that this time around this legislation is not going to make it," he said. 

Montgomery County Sen. Ben Kramer said Tuesday that he planned to work with colleagues to come up with a resolution.