Maryland Governor-elect Wes Moore shares vision for state with FOX 5

Democrat Wes Moore has won the election to become the next governor of Maryland, and the first Black man to hold the title in the state's history. He sat down with FOX 5 just one day after his historic win to talk about his vision for Maryland.

Moore, whose platform focused on improving the local economy and building wealth for Maryland families, says he plans to govern the same way he campaigned – by reaching out to all Marylanders.

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"People said, ‘You’re going a lot of places where there's not a lot of Democrats,'" Moore says. "And I said, ‘Yeah, but there’s a lot of Marylanders. And I plan on being their governor too.'"

FOX 5 asked Governor-elect Moore about the economy and inflation, and how he plans to alleviate the burden for Marylanders.

"We've got to do things like getting people back to work, focusing on job re-training and job re-skilling, making sure we have an education system that's preparing students for the jobs of now and for the jobs of the future, and then also focusing on things like increasing wages," Moore says.

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There has been a recent rise in juvenile crime across the DMV and in Maryland. Moore says public safety needs to be the number one priority.

"We also have to address these root causes of crime that continue to make public safety so elusive for so many families, and being able to put more state resources in local jurisdictions to be able to help address things like closure rates and the fact that many of our law enforcement are just frankly overburdened by the amount of difficulty they continue to face in our communities," Moore says.

With recent reports that Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder could be selling the NFL team, FOX 5 asked Moore if his position on fighting to keep the team in the state has changed at all.

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"I want the Commanders to stay, but it cannot happen if we're just mortgaging a future and not having any forms of economic development," Moore says. "I believe in the Commanders and I want them to be able to have a home here in Maryland, but not if it means that the only type of economic activity that is going to take place is going to be exclusively with a football team. It needs to generate more, and it needs to be more participatory for this deal to work."