Maryland. Gov. Larry Hogan says he's considering primary challenge to Trump

Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan tested the presidential campaign waters in a big way Tuesday morning. Hogan was in New Hampshire, home to the first 2020 presidential primary, and what he had to say turned heads, and fueled speculation that he just might challenge President Trump.

A Hogan presidential campaign isn't at a full boil yet, but the governor turned up the heat Tuesday. At a breakfast forum called "Politics & Eggs," Hogan said he's considering if there is a path to victory in the Republican primary to defeat Trump. The governor says he would not run, just to bruise the president in a primary, he's trying to see if GOP voters want another choice and if he did run he'd be in it to win it.

"I'm out here talking about things I think are important. I care about the future of my party, I care about the country, but I'm not here and I would not run just to be a spoiler for the president. I've got a state to run," said Hogan.

New Hampshire is just the latest state on the governor's recent political travels. He's already been to Iowa, which will hold the 2020 presidential caucus. He's been to 10 states so far and says he's got 16 more scheduled. The reason? Hogan says he's listening to voters and trying to see if there is an in the Republican party for him to jump into the race against Trump.

Hogan says he does not think Democrats should begin impeachment proceedings but also thinks the White House should not be doing a "victory lap" over the president not being charged a crime. The governor added he's frustrated with Republicans who are privately concerned about the president but fail to speak out because they are afraid of facing primary challenges or being tweeted about.

"Certainly did not completely exonerate the president as he said. There was some very disturbing stuff to be found in the report and just because aides did not follow his orders, is the only reason we don't have 'obstruction of justice,'" said Hogan.

Hogan was asked if he's worried about sparking the president's wrath if he continues to talk about getting in the race. He said, it would not be fun, but added he has battled cancer for 18 months and says he's pretty tough himself.