Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan blasts crumbling conditions on Baltimore-Washington Parkway

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan blasted the federal government over the crumbling conditions on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway Monday.

The parkway has so many potholes they've lowered the speed limit, yet accidents keep happening. Now, there are new concerns if repairs will happen.

A National Park Service report released Friday says they need more funding -- a lot more.

In the 32-page report, NPS says it's facing a five-year annual funding gap of about $50 million.

Hogan, however, has a plan: have the federal government give the BW Parkway back to Maryland, have the Maryland Department of Transportation widen the road, improve it and add tolls to help pay for it.

On Monday, Hogan told FOX 5 that the park service does a good job with parks, but he says they do a "terrible job" when it comes to maintaining the BW Parkway.

"We want to improve the capacity all the way from Washington to Baltimore so that our taxpayers can get to and from work. It's outrageous and unacceptable. I mean we have potholes practically swallowing cars. They had to lower the speed limit because it's so dangerous, and yet they are not fixing it," said Hogan.

Hogan announced that he plans to meet with the Maryland congressional delegation in the next few days about what it will take to get the federal government to hand over the road to the state.

The National Park Service canceled an interview about this issue with FOX 5 today. Spokesman Jonathan Shafer did however issue the following statement Monday evening:

"We had been planning to repave the section from MD197 to MD198 this fall. It's also important to understand that like other agencies with transit responsibilities, the National Park Service secures additional funding through grants and public-private partnerships to support large capital projects."