Maryland Democratic Governor Candidate Wes Moore talks infrastructure, bipartisanship

Maryland voters are heading to the polls in November to elect the next governor, and Wes Moore has secured the Democratic candidate spot after a tight primary.

Moore spoke with FOX 5 Tuesday morning to discuss his thoughts on a range of issues on voters' minds from infrastructure to public safety to bipartisanship.

"We've got to make sure we're addressing the issue of both infrastructure and just congestion that people are feeling," Moore says. "It's environmentally unsound, and it's also just an absolute psychological drain on people."

Maryland 2022 Primary: Wes Moore wins Democratic gubernatorial nomination

Moore says his administration would be committed to projects such as fixing the American Legion Bridge, but he says the issue of infrastructure means thinking about I-270 differently.

"The challenge that I have with the current proposal is it doesn't factor in things like mass transit, which we have to have involved," he says. "We are going to put a core focus on transportation, mass transportation and moving people from where they live to where they work, but we're going to do it in a way that focuses on equity, both in terms of who's building it and who can actually use it."

In addition to focusing on infrastructure, Moore says his administration wants to turn its attention to creating "pathways for work, wages and wealth for every single Marylander and every single Maryland family."

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He says this includes increasing the minimum wage, strengthening public schools and ensuring public safety. 

Watch our full interview with Wes Moore above.