Maryland couple delivers newborn baby in car on side of Route 50 in Bowie on way to hospital

A Maryland family is all smiles after their newborn baby made an early arrival in their car on the side of the highway on the way to the hospital!

Brian and Michelle Whitehead say they were on the way to the delivery room back on August 30 when they knew time was running out to make it before the baby came.

"As soon as my water broke, I called the doctor, but everything just cascaded from there," Michelle said. "We left - and within five minutes of leaving our house - we didn’t even get to the next exit on 50 – I told my husband to pull over and call 911 because we were going to have the baby!"

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"I was scared to death when she said to pull over," Brian said. "I will say, at first, I had a hard time believing her because you think something like that only happens in the movies."

Brian says he pulled over and got on the phone with a 911 dispatcher - but the baby came right away!

Thankfully, mom is a registered nurse, and her medical background certainly helped.

They used a sweater to keep baby Cameron warm and the string from the sweater to tie the umbilical cord until the ambulance arrived.

The new baby, mom, dad and big brother are all doing well!