Maryland couple claims Prince George's County interior design company defrauded them

BOWIE, Md. (FOX 5 DC) -- A Maryland couple is out thousands of dollars after they say a pair of Prince George's County interior decorators failed to complete their jobs. Now, they say they are suing the company.

Joe Grimes and Tiffany Veney moved into their home a couple of years ago and were looking for a special team to help decorate.

The couple decided to work with D&A Designs LLC -- a home improvement company ran by Dereky and Al Hagler.

"They present themselves very well -- husband and wife team," said Grimes.

Grimes and Veney say they took the Hagler's through their entire home and told them what they wanted. Both parties decided to begin with the master bedroom, but the problems began when they decided to pay for the project upfront.

"We agreed upon a $10,000 budget for the master bedroom," said Grimes. "That $10,000 was to encompass design, furniture and staging of the master bedroom. Delivery as well."

But the only items Grimes and Veney say they received were an ottoman and a picture.

FOX 5 obtained a copy of text messages between the two parties.

D&A Designs texted the couple everything that was agreed upon for the master bedroom -- far less than what was delivered -- an ottoman they never asked for and a picture that was damaged.

FOX 5 spoke to an attorney for D&A Designs who says the furniture was never picked up.

"The furniture, they allowed to be stored at the premises of D&A Designs. D&A Designs told them multiple times to come get the furniture. They never did for approximately an entire year," said J. Wyndal Gordon, Esq.

"Her attorney reached out and told us to cease and desist and said, 'Oh well, we have your bedroom set.' And we were like, 'Why would you not deliver it if you'd had it all this time?'" said Veney.

"Mind you, when we paid $1,800 dollars for delivery, she assured me that the delivery would come here," said Grimes.

This isn't the only issue with D&A Designs. FOX 5 looked into the court records of the company and they show Al Hagler was found guilty of acting as a contractor without a license back in 2013, as well as being charged with theft of money.

All Veney says she wants now is justice.

"They have, in my opinion, no conscience to take money from people and string them along and you're okay to continuously do it. So, I would like to have it not only prosecuted civilly but also would like to be a criminal case at this point," said Veney.

D&A Designs' lawyers told FOX 5 they will soon file a defamation suit against the family for this issue.

Within the past 24 hours, at least four other individuals contacted FOX 5 claiming they too were defrauded out of good and services by D&A Designs.