Marc Elrich continues victory tour

The Montgomery County Executive race is too close to call according to the Associated Press, but that hasn't stopped current County Executive Marc Elrich from declaring victory. 

Right now, Elrich leads his opponent David Blair by 42 votes. He's confident that is more than enough to survive a recount. 

When Elrich and Blair faced off in 2018, Elrich beat Blair by another slim margin of 77 votes — also after a recount. 

FOX 5 asked Elrich what he thought of the back-to-back razor-thin margins and if it suggested support for his opponent's policies. 

Montgomery Co. Executive Race: Marc Elrich claims victory as David Blair calls for recount

"I feel good about what we did," he said. "I have a pretty good understanding of things we need to do. And one thing we will definitely do a better job though is making sure people understand better what we've been doing because it's kind of weird when people say you don't do affordable housing when we've got record spending in affordable housing. Obviously, something is not communicating as well as it should." 

The new Montgomery County budget includes the highest level of funding for affordable housing in county history, according to Elrich. There is $139 million earmarked for affordable housing projects and $157 million for affordable housing investment over the next six years. 

Blair would not respond to Elrich's comments today. He released a statement on Sunday saying that he quest a recount given the extremely close margin. 

A spokeswoman for Elrich said the election is expected to be certified late Friday. Then, Blair will be able to officially request a recount. Elrich said he was confident the recount wouldn't change anything.