Manassas residents protest over noise pollution from Amazon data center

Manassas residents say they're angry about the noise pollution coming out of the new Amazon data center with some holding a press conference Monday to urge the county board of supervisors to do something about it.

The center is about two minutes from a residential neighborhood where homeowners say the constant noise the buildings put out is catastrophic, causing migraines, stopping babies and adults alike from sleeping and generally disrupting residents' ability to enjoy their quiet community.

The message Monday was aimed directly at government officials. Residents said they have spoken to Amazon about internal fixes, but they want local officials to recognize the burden the data centers have created.

That includes amending the Prince William County noise ordinance that was adopted in 1989 and has not been updated since.

Residents showed FOX 5's Katie Barlow noise decibel readings they took independently, and they say at times, the levels exceed what's allowed under the county ordinance. 

FOX 5 has reached out to county officials about whether they plan to revisit the noise ordinance, but we have not yet heard back.