Manassas Boy Scout Troop looking for trailer stolen from church parking lot

A Manassas Boy Scout troop was planning on taking an overnight camping trip sometime next month to West Virginia, but that trip might be canceled now after the trailer they use to store and move over $10,000 worth of camping gear is missing. The scout leader believes it happened between Monday and Tuesday night at the church parking lot where they keep the trailer.

It took years for the troop to purchase the camping equipment and some of it was even donated to Boy Scout Troop #43. Troop leader Roger Henderson had to break the news to his troop Wednesday night, informing them that all the equipment is now gone.

"I told them, 'Hey guys, sometimes bad things happen. It's a matter of what we do now with that defines our character," said Henderson.

Connie Thompson, pastor of River of Grace Church, has been happy to allow the troop to not only leave their trailer in the parking lot at her church, but she also lets them have their meetings inside of the church.

"We love having them here," she said.

Prince William Count police and the troop hope that spreading the word and a picture of the trailer will help get their gear back to them. It has a missing left fender and they believe any clues could be helpful.

The scout leader reported the missing trailer to police on Wednesday night and officials told him that they do not believe the equipment could be sold to a pawn shop, so they are hoping it can still be found.