Man who shot himself in Austin police patrol car dies

The man who shot himself in a patrol car over the weekend has died. 19-year-old Zachary Khabir Anam died from his injuries after police say Anam was able to reach into his waistband, grab a pistol and shoot himself in the head.

Two of Anam's friends, Austin Cuellar and Brandon Brammer, say they're baffled by what happened.

"We talked to him Saturday, he was like 'hey man how are you doing, let's hang out,'" said Cuellar,

That would be the last interaction Cuellar and Brammer would have with their friend.

"He was a really good kid, athletic, loved sports," said Cuellar.

Austin police say Sunday (1/8), they arrested Anam for shoplifting and possession of a controlled substance at the Barton Creek Mall at noon. He didn't have identification on him.

"Through an investigation they came up with a name they believe he might have been and this individual had several felony warrants," said Brian Manley, interim chief Austin Police Department.

On the way to APD headquarters, they were stopped on the 500 block of Lavaca Street. They say Anam was speaking suicidal intentions. And he said he had the means to kill himself.

"He removed a pistol it appears, from the back of his waistband, placed it toward his head while handcuffed, was able to pull his hands around to the side and place it to his head," said Manley.

Anam was transported to UMC Brackenridge, where he died on Monday (1/9).

Brammer says Anam had mentioned some difficulties to him. "He was in some legal trouble at the time. So I had a conversation with him. I said Zach what are you going to do?"

But Anam's decision to shoot himself has left Brammer and Cuellar with more questions than answers.

"He was a really smart kid and he had goals with his life. Everybody loved him," said Cuellar.

"I feel like the pressure and allegations, that's what will make a person do that," said Brammer.

FOX 7 asked Austin police if Anam was searched thoroughly or at all and they are not commenting on that yet.
However, they say it is standard protocol for any officer to search the suspect before putting them inside the patrol car.