Man who collapsed while shoveling snow reunited with 8 D.C. firefighters who helped save his life

A man who nearly lost his life earlier this year was reunited Friday with the eight D.C. firefighters who helped save him.

Frank Kampmann was shoveling snow outside his office complex on K Street NW in January when he suddenly collapsed. One of his coworkers called for help and began performing CPR with help from his wife, who happens to be a 9-1-1 operator.

Eight D.C. firefighters quickly came to Kampmann's rescue, working as a team to save his life.

It was an emotional moment as Kampmann and his wife came face to face with the firefighters who are the reason he's still here today. They expressed their overwhelming gratitude and thanked them for what they did to save him that day.

Kampmann also thanked the doctors and nurses at George Washington University Hospital, where he was treated, for their help in his recovery.