Man struck, killed by MARC train

Amtrak and MARC service has resumed after a MARC train heading to Union Station struck and killed a man Tuesday.

A commute that should have been an hour and a half from Baltimore to D.C. instead turned into an almost 4-hour commute. Passengers said they knew something was wrong when the train was about ten minutes out from Union Station and felt that they had hit something.

"All of a sudden, you felt a big bump and then you could tell the brakes were going on and then it just stopped," said Kelli Dulli. "They didn't say anything for 15 minutes or so, and then they said there was a problem. Then they said there was an emergency, which they said for about 40 minutes or so.

"When they finally said what was going on, they said that there was a trespasser on the tracks, there was an emergency and they had to have an investigation, and we were kind of stuck there until the investigation was over."

The passengers were eventually transferred from the MARC train to an Acela train.

D.C. police is handling the investigation in this incident. They said the victim was an adult man that was down on the tracks. There is no information as to what he was doing down there or who he is.

MARC service was suspended throughout the night and they have slowly reestablished service. Wednesday morning's service is expected to operate normally.

Amtrak also suspended service on the Northeast Corridor up to New York City because of the investigation, but it has since resumed.