Man loses 113 pounds in 3 months, wins contest

A national weight loss winner is from right here in the valley.

Life Time Fitness announced the winner to their 90-day challenge. Jonathan Ortega shed more than 100 pounds in three months.

At one point Ortega knew by weighing more than 300 pounds he had to make a change.

"It's just emotion, you feel so fat, you feel so big, and you say I don't want to feel like this," said Jonathan Ortega.

His health suffering, his confidence low, he headed for the gym. He changed his diet and before long he signed up for a challenge that would change his life. In just three months he broke the weight loss record and won the 90-day challenge.

Ortega won a $10,000 prize from the gym, and with the pounds gone he's feeling better than ever.

"Amazing, I feel how I should be feeling, 100%, I'm happy," he said.

Jonathan's initial goal was to lose 100 pounds, but he surpassed it by losing 113 pounds.

"I'm not stopping, I'm going to do the next challenge, and the next one, and just keep motivating myself," said Ortega.

Jonathan wants to invest some of the money and is using the rest for a well-deserved vacation.