Man killed in fight that reportedly started over Redskins-Cowboys football game

One man is dead and another faces murder charges after a deadly fight that reportedly began over a football game.

The incident occurred at Zino's Italian Restaurant in Chesapeake, Va. during the December 28th Redskins-Cowboys regular season finale.

Surveillance video shows the fight happening at the bar.

According to an online report by WTKR, 36-year-old Ronnie Cisko punched 48-year-old Charles Lee Setchel in the neck. Setchel later died from his injuries.

Setchel's fiancé says the fight started after an argument between Setchel, a Cowboys fan, and Cisko a Redskins fan.

Cisko faces second degree murder charges.

WTKR says investigators are trying to learn Setchel's death was caused by the fight or if he had prior medical issues.