Man in custody after dash cam video allegedly captures Maryland road rage incident

LAUREL, Md. (FOX 5 DC) - A shocking case of road rage was captured on camera in Maryland and the victim is sharing her footage exclusively with FOX 5.

It happened May 16 on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, near Laurel. Princesella Hayles tells FOX 5, were it not for her dash cam, the suspect may never have been arrested.

The alleged driver, 22-year-old Tyreke Owens, was caught on her camera slamming his brakes, then blocking her vehicle in the middle of the major thoroughfare. On the video, you can hear Hayles say, "Google, call 911." She keeps her composure throughout the ordeal, walking the dispatcher through every moment of the 12 terrifying minutes he blocked, threatened and followed her.

As time drags on, tension builds. Other vehicles can be seen driving onto the shoulder to get around them and that dash camera appears to show Owens throwing items, then leaning out of his vehicle and verbally threatening Hayles, yelling, "Get your ass out of the car," among other things.

Hayles finally breaks free, but the suspect follows her until they reach a construction zone. As the pair is trapped by other vehicles on all sides, Hayles says Owens hit her car, which also appears to be caught on camera. Hayles described the event to police when they arrived on scene, but it wasn't until they viewed the dash camera video themselves, that they decided to make an arrest.

In an exclusive interview, Hayles tells FOX 5, "I didn't realize how terrifying it was until I saw the video and this time I can't even watch the video, I feel sick to my stomach." She says, "There was one officer, he tucked his head through my window and he said, the lord was with you, because you could have died tonight."

Park Police are praising Hayles for how she handled the incident. They tell us, calling the police and refusing to engage with the suspect could have saved her life. Meanwhile, charges against Owens are pending in District Court.