Man hands out $2 bills to fellow passengers on plane

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An Ohio woman shared a touching post on Facebook about a recent act of kindness.

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Natalie Gunderson said she was on a flight to North Carolina last week when a fellow passenger handed out $2 bills to everyone on the plane.

According to Gunderson's post, the man received a $2 bill from his dad when he was 16, and his father told him as long as he kept it, he'd never be broke.

"That man honored his dad and gave everyone on our (almost full) flight a $2 bill so we'll never be broke," Gunderson said on August 14. "He just wanted to spread the love. Good people doing good things."

Gunderson shared a photo of all the passengers sitting on the plane, holding up their $2 bills.

"In the midst of all the crap going on in the world, here is some 'good' for your Facebook feed," Gunderson said.