Man fakes his death to help police catch wife in murder-for-hire plot

You said "I do", and then she says "I don't". But instead of divorcing you, she tries to kill you. That's the bizarre story of what happened to one local man.

Ramon Sosa married his dream girl, Maria, or so he thought. They were married for six years, but like 50 percent of marriages these days, she wanted a divorce. Instead of waiting for it to be finalized, Maria took things into her own hands to end it once and for all by hiring a hit man to kill her husband for a small fee of $2,000.

What Maria didn't know was the man she hired was a friend of Ramon's and he ratted her out. Ramon then went to Montgomery County deputies and worked with them to take her down. But that meant Ramon had to fake his own murder. Photos show him lying in a grave pretending to die from a gunshot wound to the head by the hitman. The pictures were sent as proof, and then deputies did their work.

Maria is now serving 20 years in prison for the crime.