Man charged for unregistered firearms in DC says guns are legally owned, were disassembled

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D.C. police tweeted out a photo showing that five guns and two ballistic vests were recovered during a traffic stop on Wednesday.

FOX 5 went to D.C. Superior Court on Thursday hoping to learn more about the man arrested in Northeast D.C. for the cache of weapons.

The court affidavit filed in this case lists a small armory of weapons that included handguns, magazines, speed loaders, ammunition, a scope, locks and a holster. There were also two bulletproof vests.

But the document also showed the guns appeared to be legally owned. There were receipts for the weapons and they were disassembled.

George Thompson is the man charged in this case and he told FOX 5 when he walked out of court Thursday that he made some mistakes. He had bad tags on the car he was driving and admits he should not have been in the District of Columbia.

"Yes, that is my property," he said. "Yes, all disassembled, so they are not actual firearms. I would assume they are firearms parts."

Thompson has no criminal record that we could find. He said he is homeless and does not have a job, and he had all of his property in the car.

"They didn't even find them," Thompson said. "I showed them. They asked me because I have a card, an HQL, which is like a handgun qualification license, and they asked me if I had any firearms. I was forthcoming and I told them what I had in the car."

He said he had the bulletproof vests and weapons because he works security jobs. He admitted he made a mistake and hopes the judge will show him some mercy when he gets back to court.

A spokesperson for D.C. police defended the tweet and said Thompson was arrested for possession of unregistered firearms.