Macklemore crashes wedding with some persuading from his mom

What do you do after you visit the President of the United States? If you're rap artist Macklemore and you're with your mother, you crash a wedding.

The music star, best known for his 2013 hit, "Thrift Shop," was in the nation's capital to raise awareness on opioid addiction and prescription drug abuse. He joined President Barack Obama during his weekly address and talked about his own recovery from drugs while also sharing his story about the loss of a friend who overdosed on prescription drugs. This talk came days after the House of Representatives passed measures to battle opioid abuse.

After finishing up with the president, it appears the Grammy Award-winning artist was looking for some fun. Once he arrived back at his Washington D.C. hotel, he and his mother passed by a big wedding going on in the ballroom. With some coaxing from his mom, the two went inside and documented it on Snapchat.

Macklemore posted selfies of himself and the happy guests with the message, "When your mom tells you to crash the wedding." He also showed his mother dancing right outside the ballroom.

The guests were more than happy to have him - even having the DJ play his music.

FOX 5 talked with the newly-married couple about the celebrity wedding crasher.

"I had one of my uncles coming up to me telling me, 'Oh, Macklemore is here!'" Fatima Kahn, the bride, told FOX 5. "I said, 'Wow!' And they had his songs playing and everything. So he was pretty nice about it … All of us, like 50 cousins and 50 aunts and uncles, were on the stage taking selfies with him."

Kahn said Macklemore's appearance made their wedding even more memorable and all of the attendees will remember the experience for the rest of their lives.

Macklemore's Snapchat video of the wedding instantly went viral and the Kahns said it had millions of views on YouTube within minutes of the post.