Mac n' Cheetos the 'Dangerously Cheesy' item is being added to Burger King's menu

Burger King is changing the fast-food game by adding a 'dangerously cheesy' item to their menu-- Mac n' Cheetos!

Think gooey mozzarella sticks-- only gooey mac n' cheese with a Cheetos powder crust. This is an ultimate life win if you're a cheese lover, or have ever crushed Cheetos into your mac n' cheese.

On Monday, June 27, the fast food chain is introducing the 'portable' mac n' cheese puff like pieces to their menu. Which is probably one of the best food smash-ups since Taco Ball introduced the Doritos Locos Tacos in 2012.

They say you can't put a price on love, but for $2.49 and 310 calories you get a five-pack of Mac n' Cheetos-- so maybe you can! Sadly, nothing lasts forever, and the hybrid snack will only available at select BK locations over the next eight weeks.