Lucketts man remains jailed after bringing gun to school

A Lucketts man will remain behind bars after being arrested and charged with bringing a gun onto a Tuscarora High School campus earlier this week.

Leesburg police arrested Mi-Allah Grant after they responded to the school for a report of a man with a holstered gun.

Grant was charged with carrying a firearm on school property in relation to a suspicious incident and jailed without bond.

During a Friday bond hearing, Grant's attorney withdrew a bond motion. He will now remain in jail until his attorney petitions the court for bond.

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Parents in the Tuscarora High School community are demanding answers about what happened Tuesday afternoon.

Leesburg police say Grant told them he was a recent Tuscarora and military boot camp graduate, and he was there to speak to students about joining the military.

After notifying parents of the arrest, the school responded to several questions and concerns, sending out this message the following day:

"Some of the questions have focused on procedures for lockdowns. As we do with all serious security matters, we are collaborating with law enforcement to assess what occurred as part of our process of continually improving our procedures as it relates to safety and security. Details of this event are still emerging."

According to the criminal complaint, Grant was in possession of a loaded Glock handgun, which he privately owned. It also stated that Grant did not have the proper authorization to be on campus.