Loudoun County sheds Confederate ties: Grants offered to businesses on renamed streets

A dozen streets and two major highways are getting new names in Loudon County soon, following similar moves in cities across Northern Virginia to shed ties to the Confederacy.

Josh Jenkins has only lived on Jackson Avenue in Round Hill for about a year.

And in a few weeks, he will have to change his address all over again.

Welcome to Honeybee Avenue.

"It's kind of pointless. You move in and you gotta change everything all over again," Jenkins said. "Your driver's license, your registrations, all your mailing addresses for different credit cards, everything - any subscription, all our licensing as far as businesses. So it all changes."

The changes stem from the names being linked to Confederates or a racist history.

From Jackson to Honeybee Avenue.

Hampton to Cinnamon Fern Road.

Longstreet Avenue turns to Piper Run.

And Early will become Earlybird Avenue.


Loudoun County considers changing Confederate street names

The roads range from busy commuter routes to residential spots to an unbuilt road that is slated to be named Confederate Court in a subdivision near the Town of Lucketts.

Those are just a few of the 12 streets in Loudon County getting new names by August 3 — a process that has been in the works for several years now after being first announced in 2021.

Two major highways will also be renamed by the end of September: Route 7 a.k.a. Harry Byrd Highway turns to Leesburg Pike. Route 50, or John Mosby Highway, will be known as Little River Turnpike.

At a November 15, 2022, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors meeting, Chair Phyllis Randall said she was willing to not be re-elected over this move.

"The fact that these streets were named for Confederates not in 1905 or 1865, but in 1963 is… It's not about heritage, not about history, not about anything but intimidation and hate," Randall said.

Kristin Brown is Loudon County's director of mapping and geographic information.

"I think like with any initiative, there have been responses all across the board," Brown said.

So to offset the inconvenience and costs associated with changing addresses and signage for businesses, Loudon County leaders just announced a new grant program.


Up to $500 for home-based businesses, and $750 for commercial and nonprofit businesses.

"The grant is just simply to assist any of those businesses that will have paperwork or things such as business cards or checks they know they will have to replace," Brown explained.

There is also $5,000 available, so businesses can update their signage with their new address. The county told FOX 5 there are 225 licensed businesses in the impacted areas.

Businesses or nonprofits located on the following roads can apply here for the grants now:

Early Avenue/Earlybird Avenue

Fort Johnston Road/Fort Star Lane

Fort Johnston Road/Leeland Orchard Road

Hampton Road/Cinnamon Fern Road

Jackson Avenue/Honeybee Avenue

Jeb Stuart Road/Philomont Road

Lee Drive/Turtle Hill Drive

Leesburg Court/Compass Rose Court

Little River Lane/Vilgrain Farm Lane

Longstreet Avenue/Piper Run Avenue

Businesses or nonprofits with an address on Route 7 or Route 50 may apply starting Monday, August 14, 2023.