Loudoun County ‘Anti-Racist Parents’ group won’t face criminal charges: cops

In the most recent update in debate over a proposed "equity" oriented curriculum, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s office announced that members of the Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County Facebook group would face no criminal charges.

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The Loudoun County schools community has been racked by a fierce debate over what school officials say is an equity oriented program.

Many vocal members in the community – and some from outside the school district community – say the district is pushing a curriculum based on so-called "critical race theory" – a popular buzzword among conservative circles.

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The sheriff’s office says that the Federal Bureau of Investigations had launched a parallel probe into the matter. The FBI said it had no intention, however, of levelling criminal charges.

In March, the sheriff’s office began investigating the group after complainants told them their activities threatened their first-amendment rights, and violated other laws, including stalking, harassment and racketeering.

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In addition, they had reportedly put together a "hit list" that included the names, addresses and occupations of people who "opposed the ideologies" of the Facebook group.

Ultimately, the sheriff’s office determined that they would not pursue criminal charges, but the people detectives spoke with her told they could pursue misdemeanor criminal charges, or alternatives though civil courts.