Long Lost Twins? Kevin McCarthy chats with his British doppelganger he met during trip to London

It was better than a scene from Face/Off! It could have even been mistaken as a glitch in the Matrix!

But the best way to describe the chance meeting between FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy, and his UK doppelganger Jack Inston, is simply incredible!

Kevin was in London to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle and to interview cast members of the film when he and a friend stopped to grab dinner at a restaurant. Just as they were sitting, Kevin looked over and saw Jack Inston - a man he had never met before - who looked exactly like him! He described it as an outer-body experience and thought maybe jet lag was causing his eyes to play tricks on him.

"It was the weirdest outer body experience I ever had because I thought I was seeing myself at another table," Kevin said.

Jack thought something was strange too." I just looked at my drink and wondered if someone had spiked it or something!" he told us when we spoke to him on FOX 5 News Morning on Thursday. "It was bizarre!"

The two sat next to each other for about two hours - exchanging glances but not speaking to each other. Finally Kevin stood up and went over to his table.

"My mom was losing the plot next to me!" said Jack, who owns a company called Lightbox in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and who was having dinner with his parents. "I've been trying to find interesting lights and things for the next season but instead found a long lost of twin brother."

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They look alike, they are about the same age (Jack is 26 and Kevin is 33) but do they have anything in common?

YES! When asked to name his favorite movie Jack said, Interstellar - a film Kevin absolutely loved! "You just blew my mind!" Kevin said. "This is not planned. He just mentioned one of my favorite films of all time." Kevin and Jack also both loved Dunkirk.

As for Chuck Taylor's - Jack says they are the only shoes you really need! Just kidding - but he does own a pair.

In the past, Kevin has been mistaken for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy - but just online. In this case - we couldn't blame you if you mixed these guys up in person!

The two shared a good laugh and plan to keep in touch - maybe even met up and watch a movie together.

And - as if two are not enough - Jack says he's heard from friends that there is a man that works at a London shopping center that looks just like him - so there could be another Kevin McCarthy lookalike out there somewhere! Keep your eyes peeled!