Local restaurant owner discusses stolen identity

Scott Parker, one of the owners of several Arlington bars, including A-Town Bar & Grill, Don Tito, Barley Mac, and The G.O.A.T. sports bar has been dealing with a nasty online impersonator.

Several months ago, Parker was made aware that someone had stolen his likeness and started a Twitter and Facebook. The fake Scott Parker whose profile read "Hi! I'm Scott Parker the worlds biggest d***head!" tweeted insults at Parker and his bars multiple times a day.

The situation escalated recently when Katie Rife, a news editor for the AV Club, got a Facebook message telling her to "eat a shotgun barrel for lunch" in response to a story she'd written about Oprah Winfrey possibly running for president -- but that message came from the fake Scott Parker.

Rife, unaware of the impersonator started reaching out to people associated with Parker to let them know what he was doing. Soon Parker had strangers going onto his restaurants sites and leaving terrible reviews.

Parker and his friends reported the impersonator to Facebook and Twitter and the accounts have been shut down. Parker appeared on Fox 5 Weekend Edition to discuss the situation and also to say the community has rallied around him to support his establishments. During the interview, Parker offered advice to anyone in a similar situation to his and says he has reported it to local police.