Local organizations offer support to Afghan refugees

Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban take over in Kabul continue to pour into the DC area as planes carrying them land at Dulles International Airport before being transported in busloads to the Dulles Expo Center where refugees are temporarily staying.

The Pentagon expects thousands more to arrive in the coming weeks but the question is, where will they be settled?

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It could be a challenge that many local non-profit organizations and even local jurisdictions tell FOX 5’s Ayesha Khan they are waiting to get answers about from government officials.

Refugees arriving at the expo center are continuing to receive help and support including donations of basic supplies, food and cots for the refugees to sleep on.

Many of the refugees are destined for Army bases, including Virginia's Fort Lee.

With so many evacuees arriving in the DMV, hundreds are being sent to live in other states but those who may stay in the DMV will need to find permanent residence going forward.

"This is not the first time we have received migrants so the programs are in place," said Yaqub Zargarpur, chairman of the board with the Muslim Association of Virginia.

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"I live in Prince William County so we are already in constant contact with the school division and we are making room for them and it will definitely be a smooth transition, we on our part, are ready. We have a lot of volunteers who are looking and searching for available apartments and other available places for them to stay and we also have community members and families who are willing to adopt families and let them stay in their houses."

Khan asked Dr. Raymond Crowel, the director of the Department of Health and Human Services for Montgomery County of the county is ready to handle families who may want to settle in the area, especially those with school going children. 

"MCPS is a stellar performer when it comes to that and they will absolutely work with us and we will get families enrolled and get their children into schools and settled in," said Crowel.