Local lawyer charged in child pornography case

A lawyer who lives in Washington D.C. was arrested and arraigned in court on Friday for sending child pornography.

On Friday, police charged 29-year-old Matthew Gigot with sexual performance using a minor.

Gigot is a practicing lawyer, so I was surprised on Monday when he answered my phone call to him. But he did not want to talk about the child pornography charges against him.

Instead, Gigot asked me to call him back. But I still persisted. We went to Gigot's apartment building and asked to talk with him. He was surprised to hear we were doing a story on him. But after a few more minutes, he ended the call.

According to court documents, an undercover police officer communicated with Gigot on a website that is frequented by people who have a sexual interest in children and incest. The undercover police officer texted with Gigot through a phone app called Kik.

Court documents show that Gigot texted the police officer that he wanted to have sexual relations with a 12-year-old boy. The cover story was that the boy's father was organizing it.

He asked: "[h]ow young would you go…I'd do 5[,] [b]ut 0-12 is hot."

During the planning, Gigot allegedly texted the officer a video of a naked pre-pubescent boy, who is about 8 years old and performing a sexual act. He also sent a photo of himself.

The Kik texting service turned over logs affiliated with the user name pervyboy20 and a Gmail address. AT&T connected these messages to Gigot's cell phone. Also, Comcast linked records to Gigot's Northwest D.C. address.

Gigot, who is licensed to practice in Maryland, worked for LDiscovery, a legal services company based in McLean, Virginia. The company told us on Monday that Gigot was a temporary employee of LDiscovery over the past year, but he is currently not employed by them.

Under the terms of his release, Gigot has an ankle bracelet and he has been told not to contact any minors.