Local high school hockey players shave their heads for a good cause

If some local high school hockey players look a little more aerodynamic, there's a good reason for it.

Most of the Landon School varsity ice hockey team shaved their heads on Friday night to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

The plan was started by twin brothers Max and Ethan Weinstein.

"My hair was a little long for my liking before this, so it's good to have it nice and short now," said Max.

The pair had taken part in a similar event years ago when a childhood friend was diagnosed, and they thought it would be a great thing to bring back.

"We've had two friends who've been affected by pediatric cancer, and we wanted to prevent that from happening to other kids," Ethan said.

"It's really important to us to try and help people like our friends who go through what they went through and we want to make their experience as painless as possible," Max said.

Gold medalist Steve Cash helped out, and David Rios Salon in Georgetown volunteered to break out the clippers.