Local family shares powerful story of son with autism in new documentary, 'Far From The Tree'

The new documentary, Far From The Tree, follows families as they deal with extraordinary challenges through love, empathy and understanding. The film, based on the award winning, New York Times best-seller of the same name, encourages us to cherish loved ones for all they are and not who they might have been.

FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy visited the Allnutt family. They call Maryland home and shared one of the most powerful stories of the film.

Amy Allnutt, her husband Bob, and their family live in Gaithersburg. Their son Jack has autism and had never been able to communicate verbally with them. After years of searching for a way of communication with Jack, Amy and Bob discovered a type of therapy that enabled him to use stencils and a computer device to "speak" with them. Jack finally had a voice! WATCH THE TRAILER

Using his new form of therapy, Jack worked with his therapist to spell out the words, "I am trying. I am really smart." Amy framed those words that he wrote. The family calls this time his "beginning."

Amy says in the film that finally having a way to communicate with her son was like meeting him for the first time. She said that they asked him questions and were amazed by his answers. "We guessed a lot," Amy said. "And we guessed wrong a lot! Being able to ask his opinion was great for us but I know how amazing it was for him!"

The first time watching the documentary was a very emotional experience for the family. The film showed home videos of Jack that they hadn't seen in years from a time in their life that was very difficult to relive. But they know that creating awareness and opening up as a support system for other families made it worth it.

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