Local attorney says he's in process of getting Daron Wint to sign off on representation

The investigation continues in the quadruple murder of a D.C. family and their housekeeper. Daron Wint has been charged in this case and a local attorney who has represented him in the past said his family has retained him to once again represent Wint.

For decades, Robin Ficker has heckled rival opponents of Washington D.C. area teams. His jeering is well known in the sports arena, but now, he said he wants taunt the U.S. attorney in the courtroom and represent Wint.

"I think he's a wonderful person," Ficker told us.

Wint was arrested and charged in connection with mansion murders of the Savvas Savopoulos, their 10-year-old son and their housekeeper.

We asked Ficker if he is Wint's attorney at this point in the case.

"I made it very clear that I signed an agreement and have been paid by four members of [Wint's] family to represent him and that's the status now," said Ficker.

But Ficker also added Wint has not signed off on this yet.

The Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia has also been very clear issuing this statement about Ficker: "Attorney Robin Ficker does not represent Mr. Wint, and Mr. Wint has no intention of hiring Mr. Ficker."

However, Ficker said he met with Wint in jail last Sunday for two hours.

"I don't think he would hurt anybody," said Ficker. "I think he's a nice guy and his family believes the same thing too. There were insiders here."

Police say Wint was inside the Savopoulos' home as his DNA was found on pizza that was delivered to the Northwest D.C. home while detectives say the family was being held against their will.

"Just because I leave my DNA in your car and a crime is committed in your car 12 hours later, it doesn't mean I committed the crime in your car," said Ficker.

Unsealed court documents also show new evidence in this case. A shoe print was found on a French-style door that leads to the exterior of the home. According to police, the door's window pane was kicked in and the door's lock was damaged as someone tried to gain entry.

The shoe print did not match firefighters' boots who responded to battle the blaze at the home where the victims were found.

"This was an inside job, maybe a hit job, and I don't think the evidence is there to prove him guilty of anything," Ficker said. "Certainly not of the only charge that's facing him -- Murder 1 of Mr. Savopoulos."

Ficker said Wint's family is in the process of getting Daron Wint to sign off on his new representation. As of right now, Wint is still being represented by a public defender.

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