Local 7th grader helps provide Kindles for homeless kids

A local seventh grader is celebrating the success of a campaign to provide Kindles to homeless or at-risk kids in Loudoun County.

Zach Pracher, 12, raised more than $8,000 from family and friends. A local philanthropist and the folks at Amazon.com donated the rest. It was enough to buy 200 Kindles, which are valued at $200 each.

"Most of them can't even ask for help. Most are too scared or afraid that someone will make fun of them. And I feel like we can't wait for an invitation. We need to go out and help them," said Belmont Ridge Middle School student Zach Pracher.

The Kindles will be distributed by Mobile Hope, a non-profit that assists the homeless in Loudoun County. The kids who receive a Kindle will be given a library card to let them download books for free.