Lobster flavored beer hits shelves in Maine

Normally you see lobster served on a plate.

But, what if we told you there's a new way you can consume it?

A Maine brewer is teaming up with a brewery from Italy to serve up a beer brewed with lobster and sea salt.

The new drink is made with live lobster suspended in a kettle full of boiling wort during the entire brewing process.

The brew master says it gives is the perfect taste of Maine.

"It has a very, very subtle lobster character. The lobster really just provides a slight brininess and a touch of sweetness that's balanced by the sea salt as well as the acidity from the mixed fermentation," said Tim Adams, owner of the Oxbow Brew Company

the new brew is called Saison Dell'Aragosta - which means 'lobster saison' in Italian.

It contains 4.5 percent alcohol and is available on a limited basis.