Little girl hilariously scolds dad for eating her food, says they're not friends

After asking him nicely to stop, a 2-year-old snapped on her dad for eating her food. Relatable much?

In an unwritten rule, we know to never EVER mess with someone's food, especially when they're eating. But one daddy had to learn the hard way!

A hilarious viral video of Cali Amor Saunders seen eating ramen has the internet in tears! What makes it so pure is how Cali asked her dad very nicely not to eat her noodles. And the consequences for not listening was a serious scolding, served with major side-eye and an end to their friendship.

Um, ouch. Should've listened!

The video has also sparked debate over whether Cali said "I'm not even finished eating" or "I'm not your friend either," baby ebonics is a tricky language.

Allow us to clear up matters! Cali's father, who understands her better than anyone, told FOX 5 she said, "I'm not your friend either."

But despite the ramen rage at the end of day Cali is still daddy's princess.