Liquor store shooting leaves 1 man injured in Northeast

The man who was shot inside a liquor store in Northeast Wednesday evening is recovering in a local hospital. 

Meanwhile, D.C. police are looking for the person who opened fire inside of Rose Liquors on Bladensburg Road NE. 

Police said they received a call right after 6 p.m. regarding a shooting. 

FOX 5 has learned that the person who was shot was not an employee at Rose Liquors. 

The suspect, police said is a Black male wearing a black hoodie with gray stripes, gray jeans, and black sneakers. He may be armed with a black revolver gun as well. 

ANC Commissioner Kathy Henderson believes the suspect will be caught quickly. 

"We need this person off the street," Henderson said. "Anyone who would discharge a weapon like this inside of a store and shoot someone is beyond reckless."

Commissioner Henderson also said the store owner is cooperating with police. She is holding a community meeting this Saturday to address this shooting and other ongoing violence in the area.