'Like a warzone:' One dead after barrage of gunshots in Anacostia

A doorbell camera captured the sound of at least 40 gunshots fired in Anacostia, and neighbors are sharing their concerns with FOX 5.

 The owner of the video did not want to be identified but said the doorbell camera captured the gunfire at 9:47 p.m. Tuesday, adding it "sounded like a warzone" and that it was not first time this has happened.

 10 minutes later, D.C. police confirmed officers responded to the 1900 block of 18th Street SE for reported sounds of gunfire. They did not confirm whether it is connected to the gunfire captured on camera, or if that was a different situation entirely.

 When officers arrived at the 18th Street southeast location, they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. Identified as 18-year-old Dionte Alexander of southeast D.C., he died on the scene Tuesday night.

 A woman told FOX 5 she saw police lights outside but was unsure if she heard gunshots.

 "Why is it happening in Black neighborhoods so often? Not just here. Northwest, southeast wherever. I don’t care where it is. It’s unnecessary for young people to be dying like they’re old," she said. "There’s no remorse for anything, it looks like. None whatsoever. It hurts, it hurts. Not that I know who the fellow was, where he lived or where he comes from. It hurts."

 She added, the neighborhood has changed since she moved there with her family 25 years ago.

 "Oh, a whole lot. The young people are having babies and don’t know how to raise them. Having babies, 1, 2, 3. Pushing two in the stroller. Got one in your belly. It’s just ridiculous. There’s no raising like we came up," she said.

 As of this writing, police have not announced any arrests.

 Anyone with information should call police at 202-727-9099.