'Let's Go Brandon:' Find out what it means, and how it got onto 2 Northern Virginia electronic road signs

The phrase "Let’s go Brandon" is all over social media.

Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted it, Ted Cruz tweeted it, fans have chanted it at sporting events all over the country – and Thursday morning, the phrase could be seen on two giant electronic road signs in Northern Virginia.

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"Let’s go Brandon" originated earlier this month when a reporter thought that’s what a group of people were yelling after a NASCAR race in Florida. Problem is, the fans were actually chanting a somewhat-similar-sounding expletive aimed at President Joe Biden.

Nevertheless, the new phrase took off, even making its way onto the two digital signs in Falls Church.

"I don’t think it’s particularly helpful to the discourse right now," said Stephen Mostow, who lives about 100 yards away from the signs.

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So, how did it happen?

A spokesperson for developer Mill Creek Residential sent a statement to FOX 5, saying, "We were made aware this morning that someone had broken into the control cabinets on the electronic signs and changed the messaging. The signs were immediately corrected and the cabinet locks have been fixed to prevent future incidents."

City officials said they received plenty of calls from early morning commuters, many of whom undoubtedly sounded a lot like Morrow.

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"I have a pretty decent sense of humor," he said, "but it is a new dangerous intersection, and ‘Let’s go Brandon’ is really a, you know, euphemism or something for a pretty obscene chant against the president."