Lawmakers propose bill to regulate unregistered mopeds in DC

New legislation takes aim at the proliferation of mopeds – often used for food deliveries – in D.C.

What’s called The Moped Registration Accountability Amendment Act of 2024 would make sellers and renters of mopeds responsible for registration requirements, similar to what happens when people buy or rent a car.

"Folks are concerned they see so many mopeds that are unregistered when most people understand that our law says they should be," explained Councilmember Brianne Nadeau, who added, "The goal is not to force mopeds off the road."

A press release from Nadeau’s office also states, "mopeds are better for the environment and for traffic safety than cars, but without proper oversight, some drivers are flouting rules and creating dangerous situations without accountability."

In Columbia Heights Tuesday, some said they support the idea.

"It’s just aggravating," Geraldine Robinson said of mopeds. "They run into things, they run into people, and then they can get away."


Ward 1 residents launch recall campaign against Councilmember Brianne Nadeau

There is now a second effort underway to recall a sitting D.C. council member as residents in Ward 1 mount a campaign against Brianne Nadeau —  just weeks after residents in Ward 6 launched an effort to get rid of Charles Allen.

Others, however, had concerns.

A man who uses a moped to deliver food explained he was concerned that the legislation could prevent some food delivery drivers from working at all.

"A lot of these guys are immigrants," said the man, who didn’t want to give his name. "They’re new in our country. They’re just trying to work."

For more information about the bill, you can click here.