Last-minute holiday shoppers supporting local businesses

If you're not done with your holiday gift list, you're not alone. 

The last Saturday to shop before Christmas is here, and millions of people are expected to hit the stores, and shop online for last-minute presents. 

FOX 5 spent the day talking to shoppers who wanted to avoid the big stores, which are super packed, and decided to support some local businesses this season.

"We were running from store to store because it's freezing out," said Stephanie Devaney, a last-minute shopper.

"It def was putting a damper on things when we were walking over here," added Claire Cooper, another last-minute shopper.

The freezing temperatures aren't stopping people, however, from completing their shopping list. 

"I'm shopping for my mom and sister," Max Mendelsohn told FOX 5. 

"I don't have family here so I figured I'd buy things for people in the neighborhood," said Miyum Kim. 

One shopper, Lily Duran, told FOX 5 that she was "looking for a Hanukkah gift" for her nephew.

A local bookshop on the corner of Royal Street in Alexandria is getting the job done for patrons.

Ally Kirkpatrick, owner of Old Town Books, said she's hearing a lot of "I need a book for my dad. What do I get for my dad?" 

Kirkpatrick said books are the perfect gift. 

"It's a conversation starter," she said. 

"There is something timeless about books, and it's a great personal gift," said Stephanie Devaney, who was shopping at Old Town Books. 

If you're looking for a variety of gift options at one place, curated shops like made in DC are an option. 

"They have really unique products because it's all local artisan-made," said Miyun Kim, a shopper. 

The national retail association is expecting millions of shoppers to head out this weekend. 

If you have no interest or time to be in packed malls or long lines, Miranda Stein, a manager at Shop Made in DC, says come on in. 

"We got candles, tea, and D.C. prints, easy and ready to go," Stein said. "You know that you are making someone else's Christmas dreams come true by purchasing those items, the money is going back to those makers."