Las Vegas survivor reunited with mom in Florida

Nichole Crane walked into the Orlando International Airport terminal and made a bee-line for her mom. Hugging her close, the Las Vegas shooting survivor said she didn't think she'd ever see her again.

"The feeling to not think that you'd ever hold these important people in your life again is just mind-boggling," Crane said.

Crane said she was having the time of her life with her boyfriend at the country music concert when the shots rang out.

"For me it was like tunnel vision. Just get to safety - what's going on? What's happening?" Crane recalled, "Just mass confusion, mass pandemonium."

She said she and her boyfriend ran a mile and a half to safety in a stranger's hotel room, where she called her mom to say she was okay. Her mother, Monica, said she's just happy she's home.

"Blessed, speechless, happy she's safe!" Monica Crane said.

Nichole, however, said the memories haunt her.

"It takes away a part of you that you think you're never going to get back," she said, "car backfiring makes you crouch to the ground."

Now safe in Central Florida, Nichole said she just wants to take it easy and attend her ten-year high school reunion. She said she knows she's one of the lucky ones.