Larry King hospitalized for heart procedure, rep says

Larry King was hospitalized over the weekend after suffering chest pain and getting stents placed in his heart, according to a statement issued Monday from King's production studio and on-demand digital TV network, Ora TV.

The legendary radio and TV talk show host had been scheduled for an angioplasty on Thursday but went to the hospital early to be examined for angina, a medical term for chest pain, the statement said.

TMZ initially reported Monday that the 85-year-old suffered a heart attack after going into cardiac arrest. King's reps denied that claim.

"To be clear, and contrary to published reports, his doctors say he did not have a heart attack and go into cardiac arrest," the statement said.

King's doctor successfully performed the scheduled angioplasty and inserted stents to reopen a previous bypass from 1987, according to the statement.

"He has been recuperating in the hospital and is scheduled to be released soon. His doctors expect him to make a full recovery," the statement said.

King has had health issues in the past, including a heart attack and prostate cancer, according to the Associated Press.

King recently tweeted a photo of himself along with Craig Ferguson for an interview airing on "Larry King Now," his current online series available on Hulu and RT America.

"Larry is in good spirits and thanks everyone for their concern," the statement said. "He's expected to be back to work on his shows, 'Larry King Now' and 'PoliticKING with Larry King' soon."

King hosted "Larry King Live'' on CNN for 25 years beginning in 1985 and won several awards during his time there.