#KylieJennerChallenge: Teens sucking on shot glasses, bottles to emulate reality TV star's lips

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A warning for parents with teenagers. There is an internet craze your kids could be trying that could have some serious health risks and it all centers around a reality television star's lips.

Teenagers are sucking on shot glasses and water bottles to make a physical statement in the #KylieJennerChallenge.

"It is essentially a vacuum cleaner effect," said Dr. Philip Schoenfeld, a facial plastic surgeon in the Washington D.C. area.

The social media challenge has gone viral and trending on Twitter and Instagram.

It is an attempt for plumper lips -- inspired by pictures of Kylie Jenner posted on her official Instagram account.

Jenner is the youngest child in the reality television show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

But her lips are not the result of sucking on a shot glass.

"If you look at the pictures of these kids sucking into a shot glass, they wind up with lips that looks like two sausages," said Dr. Schoenfeld. "Where Kylie Jenner actually has had some nice work and her lips are appropriate."

In the Instagram videos, the teenagers seem to be aspirating into water bottles, drinking glasses or shot glasses to garner the desired effect.

The fad has left many bruised and with simply fat lips. And although the damage isn't permanent, it could have lasting effects.

"Unfortunately, the swelling is not really attractive and it does last for a little while," Dr. Schoenfeld said. "I suppose if you sucked long enough and hard enough, you could probably damage the vessels in your lips. Not permanently, but I think you probably would wind up with some bruising that will last longer than a couple of hours."

He said it is obviously not a good idea to try this, but if your child, for example, shows up with plumper lips, ice is probably the best way to reduce the swelling. If it is really bad, a doctor would likely prescribe oral steroids.