#KylieJennerChallenge: 5 things to know about the big lip trend

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#KylieJennerChallenge is the hashtag parents need to know about. The reality show sibling has caused an internet sensation with her lips, but not in a good way. Teens have been sharing pictures online of their attempts to recreate the plump look, and the pictures show it can be dangerous.

We turned to Dr. Arleen Lamba, founder and director of Blush Med Skincare in Bethesda, for some information about the trend.

1. Why are teens doing it?

This is trending online, so teens are trying to take part in the social media craze. They are not doing this for a long-lasting effect. Instead, they are increasing the size of their lips to take a selfie and share it with friends.

2. How are they doing it?

Generally, teens are sucking on shot glasses and water bottles to achieve the desired look. Dr. Lamba told Good Day DC there are even machines and instruments being sold to do the same thing.

3. How long does it last?

Not long at all. Doctors say your lips will only stay plump for about 1 to 2 hours. Not worth it.

4. So, what are the risks?

When things go wrong, teens are suffering bruising and broken blood vessels. If you break a blood vessel, it could take up to a month to heal, Dr. Lamba said. In rare cases, there could be permanent damage.

5. What can you do after the fact?

If your child ends up taking this challenge, doctors recommend using ice to reduce the swelling. However, some cases may require a prescription, such as oral steroids.