Kute Blackson: 'What if today was the last day of your life?'

A friend of mine introduced me to Kute's inspirational videos on YouTube and I was hooked! One of my favorites is A woman has NO price tag in which I was truly inspired by his passion and message. He definitely has a gift to share with the world and I think everyone can learn something from them.

Who is Kute ?

The son of a spiritual leader and healer , Kute was speaking to his fatherʼs congregations, in more than 300 churches, by the age of 8. At the age of 14, he was ordained into his fatherʼs ministry and groomed to carry on the familyʼs spiritual legacy. But his heartʼs truth drew him to separate from his fatherʼs ministry and c a me to Los Angeles in 1995.

Since childhood, 'I felt a calling in my veins in my blood this is why I'm here, to inspire to empower and give hope to remind those on this planet who they truly are.'

Born in Ghana, West Africa, his multicultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and Ghanaian father, raised in London, and on 4 different continents makes him unique and defies all stereotype s.

His mantra is 'Love Now.' Kute feels that 'love is a force that connects us all.'

Kute is a transformational specialist that helps people from all walks of life transform their lives from the inside out. He doesn't coach people He un-coaches and reconditions people back to their most authentic self. His work helps you get in touch with "WHO" you really are and then shows you how to live that practically in the real world. It is about living connected to the deepest truth of who you are beyond conditioning, so that you are able to make life choices that come from the clarity of your true essence.

"Having had the opportunity to work with everyone ranging from: entrepreneurs, business moguls, moms, rock stars, salespeople, celebrities, politicians, children, plumbers, plastic surgeons, and circus performers, it is such bliss for me to assist people in transforming their lives. I feel honored to be able to serve people in remembering who they really are, and live lives that are works of art. My vision is to assist people in living the wild free fall that is life, with arms wide open, living each moment completely fresh, and alive", he says.

In one of Kute's videos he asks: If I am going to die & I don't know when, then how am I going to truly live my life in a way that is meaningful, now? That's something deep to think about!

What's Next?

His book is set for release in spring of 2016, and he is currently developing a television talk-show for national distribution.

Kute has an upcoming Los Angeles seminar for women in October called the Man Breakthrough Experience

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