KKK fliers found in Loudoun County communities, alarm residents

A Leesburg resident says he is concerned after KKK fliers were found on his doorstep late Friday night.

The fliers were found in a plastic baggy along with a piece of candy in a quiet Leesburg neighborhood.

"I couldn't even explain what I felt. You know, I was very disappointed. And when I begin to read through it, it was just -- it was frustrating," says Leesburg resident Sean Stephens, who received the fliers.

The fliers target Dr. Martin Luther King and suggest that people "smash communism," calling the civil rights leader a "Communist Alcoholic Pervert."

The go on to call Martin Luther King Day "disgraceful" and make reference to Hoover-era FBI tapes and a document that alleges sexual misconduct by Dr. King.

The fliers also suggest joining the army to fight for Israel, with a man in army fatigues in front of an Anti-Semitic caricature of a short man with a large nose holding an Israeli flag.

It also lists names of Jewish people who "Control Media" as CEOs of American media companies.

Stephens, who contacted authorities about the fliers, says there is still much that the community can do.

"I know as citizens we have a responsibility and that is to always be vigilant but to also -- I think we have to get our head out of the sand and wake up and realize that the days that we're anything are very dangerous and very treacherous and there's some evil people out."

Stephens says the fliers will not put a damper on the upcoming Martin Luther King holiday, which he intends on celebrating with family.

"We need to step up and this particularly addresses Dr. Martin Luther King and we're having a march here on Monday in Leesburg so I think this would be a great time for all persons to just step up and show who they are and show that they are Americans and so I think this would be a great chance for us to show exactly who we are and what we believe in as a unified people," he said.

Loudoun County Sheriffs say they are aware of the fliers, which were found Saturday near Smith Creek Circle and Scotland Heights Road in Round Hill, and later at Round Knoll Court.

Investigators say similar incidents have been reported to both Leesburg and Purcellville Police. They say they are working with the other police departments as well as the FBI to determine the origin of the fliers.

Police say there is no indication any of the households who received the fliers were targeted.