Kids unable to afford school uniforms sent home in Brooklyn Park

Two brothers were sent home early on their first day of school for not having the correct uniforms in Brooklyn Park on Tuesday.

Regan Narine couldn't have been more eager to get through his first day of 3rd grade at Athlos Leadership Academy - "I was excited to meet my teacher, get new friends but instead I was sent home."

He and his little brother Raysahwn were pulled from class in the morning for not wearing the school logo on their shirts.

"I thought we were in trouble but it was actually our uniform," he said.

Their sister Revecca delayed by a doctor's appointment was all set to start 4th grade soon after but instead was also forced to stay home - "she packed her backpack and everything and had to come back," mother Niome Narine said.

The children wore the same outfit to school that they wore last year, which school leaders allowed at the time. But this year, the boys were put in a room away from others where they weren't even allowed to talk before being sent home.

Athlos Leadership Academy is a public charter school with a strict uniform policy. It was a policy enforced this year in the name of safety and success. But with three children to dress, it's too expensive for Niome.

"It's hard to spend $35 on a sweatshirt then you have to get other clothes," Niome said.

When the Champlin mother picked up her sons she was met with contempt.

"They didn't even offer me anything, they just said 'okay we're going to get the backpack ready, we're going to get the school supplies ready,'" she said.

All Niome wants is flexibility -- "lower the price and work with the family."

She is left searching for a more reasonable schooling option.

"I don't know what tomorrow's going to be for them," Niome said. "They don't have a school to go to now."