Kids recreate Oscars red carpet looks

Some young stars were shining in New York, but we are not talking about A-list stars. The scene might look familiar and that's because it was redesigned to look like the red carpet from last Sunday's Oscars.

While Hollywood's stars strutted down the red carpet in designer gowns most of us could only dream about, a few kids from Long Island got the honors of portraying the stars and the high-end fashion they wore at the awards show.

"We are recreating seven different looks from the red carpet that I felt were really interesting," said photographer Tricia Messeroux. "Some that I thought were that could be kid-appropriate, so maybe a few adjustments, but still kid-appropriate. And some of the ones that people were talking about, so I'm really excited about it."

It took Messeroux and her team over 24 hours to put the shoot together.