Kid under anesthesia talks about hilarious imaginary Dubai trip

Kid wakes up from anesthesia and tells a hilarious imaginary story about his trip to Dubai!

A video posted on YouTube by Amanda Lally has brought the internet to tears! Brandon, Amanda Lally's son, is seen waking up in Boston's Children's Hospital after an operation to reset his broken arm. Still under the effects of the anesthetic, he enthusiastically recounts his gangster life in the wikki wikki west-- i.e. Dubai.

While Brandon was out like a light, he had the time of his life in a trip he took to Dubai, bought a camel and fourteen cars, and encountered billions of "hot" women.

His mother, who was probably embarrassed but equally entertained, asked him, "Did you buy anything in Dubai?" Brandon responded, "I bought a camel man! Me and my camel were like going through the wikki wikki west man!"

The excited loud shrieks were heard throughout the hospital floor. His mom attempted to keep him quiet, but completely failed as pumped up Brandon screamed "Dubai was lit!"

Watch the hilarious video of Brandon's fictional camel adventures.